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Two-year MA program in Cultural Heritage Studies
25.11.2015, 11:00








For more information, see http://medievalstudies.ceu.edu/how-apply

Two-year MA program in Cultural Heritage Studies

The Cultural Heritage Studies Program combines theoretical and practical education, offering a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches with a strong emphasis on practical knowledge and skills based on fieldwork, and internships with local, regional and global heritage organizations. Graduates of the program will be capable of working at various levels in cultural heritage and resource research, protection, and management.


Cultural Heritage Studies is an interdepartmental and interdisciplinaryMA program of CEU intended to educate individuals who wish to become heritage experts and practitioners, offering a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches. It is developed and administered by a program committee from different academic disciplines and units. Permanent and visiting international faculty members include experts in a range of disciplines, such as archaeology, art history, anthropology, history, legal studies, and environmental studies.

The program focuses on developing aptitudes for the critical assessment of tangible structures and objects such as buildings, monuments, archaeological sites, and works of art; on intangible heritage like traditions, languages, and knowledge; and on environmental heritage connected to human-nature interactions.

Cultural Heritage Studies and Policy is also open as a specialization for students of the 1 year and 2 year MA programs in Medieval Studies.

If you would like to subscribe to our newsletter, please send a message to culther@ceu.edu.

Cultures in Danger (CiD) Initiative - a project by the Cultural Heritage Studies Students, CEU

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