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Стипендии Центра Гарри Рэнсома (Остин, США)
07.10.2015, 15:38

Application materials for 2016–2017 research fellowships must be submitted through this page.  The submission deadline is Friday, January 15, 2016 5:00:00 PM CST.  Due to the volume of applications received,  application materials cannot be revised once submitted, and resubmitted materials cannot be accepted.  Before beginning the application process,  applicants should review the  full application and eligibility instructions .
For Applicants:
Create Your Fellowship Account  
To begin your application, create your fellowship account. Upon the successful creation of your account, you will receive, by email, your fellowship account number. Please save this number for your records, as you must use it to submit your proposal, and must provide it to your referee(s) for their submission of your required letter(s) of recommendation. Submit Your Proposal  
Once you have created your fellowship account and received your fellowship account number, submit your three-page proposal as a single PDF file. Please be aware that your proposal cannot be submitted partially or revised once submitted, and resubmitted proposals will not be accepted. Be sure that your proposal is complete and final before uploading.
For Referees:
Submit a Letter of Recommendation  
Using the fellowship account number supplied by the applicant, submit your letter of recommendation as a PDF file bearing your signature and institutional letterhead. Please be aware that your letter cannot be submitted partially or revised once submitted, and resubmitted letters will not be accepted.

Источник информации: http://urokiistorii.ru/node/52796

Заполнить формы можно на сайте: http://norman.hrc.utexas.edu/forms/fellowshipApp.cfm

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