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Стажировки в Йельском институте духовной музыки в 2016-2017 гг.
28.10.2015, 23:25

Each year, the Institute brings a group of Fellows from around the world to join its community of scholars and practitioners, normally for a one-year term.

Clustered Applications. The Institute welcomes applications from a cluster of qualified individuals who wish to work on a common project. Each person must complete a separate application and note that the application is part of a cluster. The same guidelines apply in every other way.

The application is online.

Application deadline: November 1

The ISM Fellows are scholars, religious leaders, and artists at all career stages whose work is in or is moving to the fields of sacred music, liturgical/ritual studies, or religion and the arts. Scholars in the humanities or the social or natural sciences, whose work is directly related to these areas, are also encouraged to apply. Fellows have the opportunity to pursue their scholarly or artistic projects within a vibrant, interdisciplinary community, and they may have the option to teach.

The work of the Institute touches a broad array of disciplines, including

Anthropology ~ Art ~ Architecture ~ Composition ~ Creative Writing ~ Ethnomusicology ~ Film Studies ~ History of Art or Architecture ~ Languages ~ Literature ~ Liturgical Studies ~ Musicology ~ Religious Studies ~ Ritual Studies ~ Sociology ~ Theatre Studies ~ Theology ~ World Religions

among many more.

Более подробную информацию см. на сайте: http://ism.yale.edu/ism-fellows

Источник: http://urokiistorii.ru/node/52907

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